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View Modern Cat Scratch Post Images. It's sorta cheating… but it works! Scratching comes naturally for cats.

Modern Scratching Posts Tuft Paw
Modern Scratching Posts Tuft Paw from

Cats love to scratch, it's a basic instinct! Scratching is instinctive behavior that helps a cat spread his or her scent. Dimaka 34 tall ultimate cat scratching post, claw scratcher with sisal rope and covered with soft smooth plush, vertical scratch full stretch, modern stable design.

This cat scratcher has a wire frame that's been wrapped in poly rattan, which is strong enough to stand up to lots of clawing.

This healthy distraction aids in the shedding of old claw sheaths and helps keep furniture safe. Modern cat wants to help you save your furniture while finding the cat posts, cats love. Satisfy your pet's natural instinct to claw with cat scratching posts. About 14% of these are interactive toys, 7% are catnip toys, and 6% are pet toys.

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